Pat Peoples Smith

Although a native Virginian, Pat Peoples Smith has branded herself as a Georgia Peach for over 35 years. She acknowledges having no financial credentials, but is uniquely qualified to pen her first book, Snowball Investing, on financial matters as a result of a family crisis and the knee-jerk urgency to transform her own finances while single. Using the principles of stewardship, she recounts in detail the steps taken to erase all debts and to create a comprehensive financial portfolio to outweigh unforeseen future expenses.


Pat’s first published work appeared in the book, In Search of a Match Black & White, by Dan Moore, Sr. She relives her journey with a perfect stranger, a leukemia patient in desperate need of a bone marrow or stem cell transplant. Their recollection of the donor/recipient process is highlighted from both vantage points. Over the last three decades, Pat has also penned an assortment of unpublished poems for personal encouragement.

When middle-class American Pat Peoples Smith was suddenly faced with a family member’s health crisis, she was confronted with her own crisis: as a single woman, she was unprepared for retirement or any unforeseen health crisis that might come knocking at her door.

Snowball Investing traces Pat’s financial footprints as she digs her way out of debt and begins to rebuild her future portfolio one financial snowflake at a time. Sprinkled with childhood stories and the school of hard knocks, she shares the exact path that she followed to pursue her goal.